Strange Bubble Hotel, France

Designer Pierre-Stephane Dumas is responsible for creating the eco-friendly Bubble Hotels, they are made out of recycled plastic and are shaped  like a bubble with an extended “passage way” which leads to the entrance. The idea is to have a hotel which does not impact the environment negatively, and these bubbles can be removed and folded away without causing any damage to its surroundings. The bubble hotel rooms are almost 4 meters wide and roomy enough to feel comfortable in. Within your strange bubble hotel you’ll have the conveniences that you would expect in a standard hotel room – a comfortable bed, armchairs, atmospheric lights and a flat screen TV. You could call it luxury camping (glamping) and each room has its own style – modern, classic etc.

The Bubble Hotels are translucent but there are some which are half opaque in case you want to connect with more than just nature in the middle of the night. The bubbles are set up in the open countryside and there are several Bubble Hotels in France at the moment. Through the see-through bubble you can watch the stars at night and observe the great outdoors without disturbing the ecosystem. So what keeps these Bubble Hotel rooms up? the same thing that keeps bubbles up – air. The frameless structures are inflated with air and have a filter which removes bugs, excess moisture and any allergens. The special plastic structures protect you from harmful ultra-violet rays as well. Bubbletree produces the Bubble Hotel rooms as well as pre-fabricated tents.

Sky River Bubble Hotel: Located 2 hours from Paris in Bouches-de-Rhone.

Attrap’Reves means Dream Catcher by the way!

Attrap’Reves Allauch: Chemin de la Ribassiere, Allauch – Surrounded by pine forests, the bubble rooms are spread over three terraces covering a total area of 15,000m². Located only 15 minutes from Marseille, 30 minutes from Aix-en-Provence and close to Aubagne Village.

Attrap’Reves La Bouilladisse: 313 Chemin de la Carraire de Bouire, La Bouilladisse – Located between Ste Victoire and Ste Beaume.

Attrap’Reves Montagnoc: Route D’Allemagne en Provence, Maison la Pinede – Set within the Verbon Regional Natural Park surrounded by Pine trees.

Attrap’Reves Puget Ville: RD 97, Carnoules – Located deep in the heart of the Var Region, from here you can visit La Tuiliere which is between Toulon and the Hieres Islands.

there are other locations around France where you can sleep in a bubble, like in Roubaix and you can even see them  in other cities now like in the Matsalu Park, Estonia.

What I’d like to know is where’s the toilet???

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