The Communist Museum in Prague Czech Republic

The museum is very informative, focusing on Communism in Czech republic. It gives you a full account of the history and there is a lot to read. There are also rooms set up like interrogation rooms. The absolute best and most shocking part of the museum is the film footage of the Velvet Revolution, it is accompanied by a haunting Czech song with translated lyrics.

A display showing how kids were educated in Communist propaganda.

The hook used to pull down the large Communist statues and monuments.

When Communists fell from grace in Czech the Communist statues fell with them, and these are some of the statues that were dismantled in the Czech Republic.

How to get there: Na Prikope 10 in Prague 1. On the right hand side of the McDonald’s go through a passage into a building where there is the museum and a casino. Web site: Prague Communist Museum
Cost: 180CZK
Open Hours: 09:00-21:00

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    Thanks for your nice information. It is very helpful for us. These images are one of the best and attractive. I glad to know that your article is interesting to read . In Prague, many types of museums, Communist statues and monuments for kids.

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