The Tallinn Chill Out Tour

Although I think Tallinn’s Old Town is perfectly manageable on foot with a good map, it’s always nice to hear a few details when in such a historic city. There are many standard tours which will give you a run down of dates and events, but the Chill Out Tour is something completely different. It’s aimed at young backpackers but older travellers have cottoned on and this tour has turned into one of the most popular in the city.
The tour guides are young well travelled¬†Estonians, and as they take you around they point out not only the places where legends and history took place, they take you to places tourists normally don’t see and also tell you the best places for partying, bars and local hangouts. Being proud locals they know the area in and out and give you an insight into both ancient Tallinn and as it is today. The tour is refreshingly weird and sometimes accompanied by guitar playing or bongo drums. The tour takes 2 hours and includes a snack.It can be booked at “the tent” on the corner of Harju¬†and Niguliste street, opposite the official tourist office. It can leave at various hours depending on demand, and can be conducted in several languages for private groups. Cost is under 10 Euro. In 2008 they operated from June – August, but their dates may have expanded. The tent can offer a number of other services and wacky tours, as well as free info about anything Tallinn.

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