The World’s Best Boatels/Flotels

You may be thinking, “what is a boatel?!” but it’s simple really, it’s a boat/ship that has been transformed into a hotel, a bit like a cruise ship only you don’t have to worry about getting your feet wet! Boatels are sometimes called flotels. The ships don’t move and have been permanently anchored in a fixed location; here are some of the best boatels in the world:

1.       The Queen Mary Cruise Liner
Probably the most grand and luxurious boatel in the entire world.  This retired luxury Ocean liner is now one of the best boatel in the world. The liner has a classic design with vertically mounted huge funnels giving it the vintage look similar to that on the Titanic. Inside the ship hasn’t changed much, they have kept the nostalgia and made it look “classic”  retaining the art-decor decor and 1930s art work as well as the bronze mechanics and wooden walkways and red carpets everywhere. You’ll feel like a wealthy passenger on a transatlantic journey. On board are  many luxurious amenities and everything is top quality. Apparently this ship is haunted by the ghost of a young mechanic called John Pedder who was crushed by a watertight door during a fire drill. Spooky.  The Queen Mary Hotel is permanently docked in Long Island, California.
Image by Mike Fernwood

Image by Mike Fernwood

2.       The USS Silversides
How about staying in a WWII US navy submarine which was launched in 1941? I know I would for sure. Imagine saying to your friends yeah I’m going on holiday and I’m staying in one of the most deadly submarines! How cool would that be? Although it’s not really a hotel as such, they do offer overnight stays, a bit like a really awesome B&B. Guest who come to spend the night in the submarine which is a museum by day, have the cool experience of camping out in the bunks that soldiers would have stayed in. The boatel can hold up to 72 guests and the rates are extremely reasonable at approximately $37 per guest per night. the boatel is docked in Muskegon, Michigan.
3.       SS Yankee Ferry
Built way back in 1907, this old ship has been fully restored to cater for guests, a lot less than the original 800 which it ferried to Ellis Island. The vessel transported newly arrived immigrants to Ellis Island and has even served in both world wars. It’s really rustic inside with boxes and knick-knacks on the walls giving the proper old-time feeling. The rooms are really interesting they are jammed packed with random stuff, but not in a bad way even though everything is random? It just works and adds to the experience. The Yanky Ferry was docked in Hoboken for years but in mid-2013 was moved to Henry Street Pier, in Gowanus Bay Terminal, Red Hook, Brooklyn.
4.       Lilla Marras Lifeboat
How about staying in a lifeboat which worked up and down the British coastline? Something different right? Well you can on the Lilla Marras, it’s really cramped inside and really rugged, but that’s the whole point, its awesome. If you like being different then you would love to stay in this hotel located in Harlingen, Netherlands. The ship was in service from 1966 to 1979 and saved over 45 lives! Everything on board is really nice and the professionally crafted, the space has been converted into a boutique hotel to make overnight stays equal to the most luxurious designer properties.
5.       Hotel hph Living
OK this one doesn’t really look the part, but has some crazy reviews saying that it is like staying in a 5* hotel.  Located in Copenhagen, Denmark this little beauty is one not to miss. The rooms are spacious and the view is astonishing, you even get a free coffee! The rooms are very clean and very modern, a bit like an Ikea room if you know what I mean. I’m not kidding, I would stay here just for the view, it is amazing!
Would you stay in a flotel/ boatel? I know I would its different, quirky and I bet it would be loads of fun.
Author Bio: Written by Jared Lecouteur, travel blogger.


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    Wouldn’t it make you sea sick staying on one of these?

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    Very good article. I definitely appreciate this site. Thanks!

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