Timna Valley, a Miracle in Israel

There are hundreds of miracles around the globe, some are hidden and some are well known. “Timna Valley” is one of them. So what is Timna Valley? And where it is located? What is the importance of this place? Let me answer all your questions about Timna Valley and Timna Park, Israel.

Timna Valley is located in southern Israel 30 km north to Eilat. This area is blessed with copper ore, and has been actively excavated by mankind since the 6th millennium BCE. When we look back though history, the Egyptians discovered copper ore at around 5th millennium BCE, in the Neolithic period. They began the world’s first copper production center in Timna Valley. They were the initiators of trade through Timna Valley.
At the same time the Midianites from the northwestern Arabian Peninsula and local Amalekites started mining together with the Egyptians. The Egyptians left the mines in the 12th century BCE, but the Midianites remained. Next the mining was sustained by the Israelites and Nabateans through the Roman period and then by the Ummayads from the Arabian Peninsula after the Arab invasion until the copper ore became inadequate.
Timna Valley was also denoted as the home of technological revolution. Egyptians used metal chisels and hoes to mine and made tubular shafts with footholds in the walls to move down as far as 30 meters beneath the ground to reach the copper. Other than the historic copper mines Timna Valley is an attraction for geologists and nature lovers. The valley’s formation is full of sand and stones. Mostly the sand color is red but also can be yellow, orange and brown, and you can even find light blue and green sand near copper mines. The brilliant colors of the sand are used to make sand art, patterns and layers of different colored sand are packed into a see-through container.
At Timna Park which is not far from Eilat you can try making sand art of your own; follow trails through the beautiful valley; enjoy extreme sports activities and see the Timna Park sound and light show.
Author Bio:  Teresa Kent is a content writer and a geologist who loves travelling. Get more from Teresa on Twitter.



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