Eating on the Toilet

A restaurant where the word bowl has a different meaning; as does pea soup and canned food. If you want to have a sit down in the throne room, or when you get that sink-ing feeling, or don’t want to fauc-et, then this is the place to go.

The Modern Toilet is a restaurant in Taiwan where all the decor is toilet and bathroom orientated. Don’t get confused if you see web sites about “Marton” toilet restaurant as it is the same place, just with a new name. You sit on toilet seats, eat off of covered baths and the food is even served in toilet or urinal shaped bowls. The chocolate ice-cream called”diarrhea with dried droppings”, looks right at home in the miniature loo.

All jokes aside, the food is not bad, try the curried noodles, or one of the soups, although some of the names on the menu can shock: “green dysentery”,”bloody poop” (strawberry). If you don’t like the food refrain from saying:”This tastes like sh*t”. Also avoid asking where the toilet is. Although you are eating out of the john, the place is very clean, and it is meant to shock and be irreverent. For those who can’t stomach it they do have folding chairs and normal plates.

What began as chocolate ice-cream served on a square of paper, has grown in to a chain of 7 restaurants in Taiwan, one in Hong Kong and one in Shenzhen. So you can “wet” your appetite and have a laugh at the same time.


Modern Toilet For a list of their branches

Getting there:

To one of them:

From Kaohsiung Arena Station take exit 4, then walk in the direction of the Daba Restaurant/Gas Station, once there turn left then first left again ( at Jhengsin Street ), walk a little and you will see it.

OR another branch:

Toilet Bowl
Taipei Metro,
Hsinpu Station, Exit 1
(02) 8253-7767

Open hours:


Sat & Sun 10:00-12:00


A meal for about $10

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