Top 3 Summer Resorts in Pakistan

Pakistan is home to some of the most beautiful valleys and locations in the world, which attract thousands of travellers from all around the world to summer resorts in Pakistan. Most of these locations that host tourists during summer are located in the northern regions of Pakistan, bordering China and India. Because of the bumpy roads, brittle cold weather and consequently less development, leisure travelers find it hard to explore the valleys located deeper into the districts of Hazara, Gilgit, and Chitral unless they are based at a summer resort in Pakistan. Only a handful of locations and sites in the mentioned regions have the required facilities to host tourists.


The further you move up north, the more difficult it becomes to construct the facilities that support tourism. Nonetheless, with the private and public hotel industry, Pakistan real estate sector is utilizing the available means to get its well-deserved share of attention from tourists. Visiting the more accessible and hence facilitated summer resorts in Pakistan will certainly give you an idea about the kind of wonders the country holds for adventure as well as leisure tourists. Let’s have a look at the top 3 summer resorts in Pakistan which welcome visitors through the summer.
PC Bhurban, Murree
Among the popular hotels in Pakistan, Pearl Continental (which is also known as PC) is a notable one. For foreigners and diplomats, this hotel is the best option in the country. PC has many chains in the Pakistani cities, including Lahore and Murree. With the construction of Pearl Continental at Bhurban Murree, the visitors no longer need to compromise on the quality of accommodation and related hospitality services. For prettier views, comfortable stay, easy travelling, healthy food and many entertainment events, PC Bhurban is the only option for the travelers looking for a grand vacation in Pakistan’s most popular hill station.
Shangrila Resort, Skardu
Built around the famous Shangrila Lake, which is located 20 minutes from Skardu, Shangrila Resort has tranquil surroundings. With typical Shangrila architecture, the resort is the focal point of this lake. The waters of the lake reflect the glittering hues of its surrounding and the changing shades of the sky. The glory of this resort is magnified when it’s covered under a soft layer of snow which can fall here as early as October and lasts till March.
Pine Park Hotel Siri Paya, Naran
The National Highway Authority of Pakistan has made it possible for travelers to explore the true beauty of Naran. Siri Paya is one of the dream destinations in Naran. Travelers come to explore the valleys where snow leopards and several other rare species of mammal roam freely. Pine Park Hotel Siri Paya is where everyone should at least spend a couple of hours. The pretty structure of the hotel mostly remains covered under thick clouds and mist.
The hotel gardens, the vistas from windows and balconies of the hotel, the stillness and freshness of the air and the giant deodar trees around the resort paint a picture so beautiful that it cannot be described in words. You need to be there to know what a pleasant experience it can be to dine or stay at Pine Park Hotel Siri Paya.
Author’s bio: Iftikhar Anjum has been involved in the real estate and travel business for 18 years and has vast experience about almost all travel destinations in Pakistan real estate and also about the accommodation facilities in those areas.

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