Innovative Travel Ideas for your First Romantic Getaway

Finding time for a new partner in the chaos of a working week can be nigh on impossible. But investing those hours with each other at the beginning of a relationship can be crucial to how it develops. This is why planning a trip away together once in a while can be so beneficial. On holiday you have all the hours in the day to devote to each other, plus you’ll be bonding over the sharing of new experiences.

Travelling can be one of the greatest ways to bond – whether it’s with a partner, a childhood friend or a member of your family. There have been countless dating success stories with people meeting through a shared passion for travel and forming life-long relationships. So, to really kick off your new relationship, why not be original with your first romantic getaway?

Don’t think beaches – think mountains. Don’t think hotels – think hostels. Don’t think Europe – think somewhere new. Think outside the box and outside your comfort zone in order to really test and strengthen what you already have together. Here are a few ideas for exotic romantic getaways that are sure to pull you closer together:
1. Mountain climbing in Venezuela

Try the life-changing experience of climbing the Andes of Venezuela together. Climbing of any kind – whether on rock or scaling a mountain – requires a special kind of teamwork and mutual reliance like that needed in a relationship. Aim big to maximize the challenge and the satisfaction of completing it together: the Pico Bolivar is Venezuela’s highest peak at 16,427ft, and its Weiss Route in the south can be completed relatively easily by novice climbers. However, make sure you go in the dry season (November to May) to avoid adverse weather!
2. Bungee jumping in New Zealand
New Zealand’s South Island is a paradise for any thrill seeker and outdoors lover. Other than being possibly one of the most beautiful places on the planet, it’s simply packed with extreme activities – luge, skiing, snowboarding, mountain climbing, sky diving, zip lining, and caving. Queenstown is at the centre of this adventure and is home to the original site of the first ever bungee jump: Kawarau Bridge. Facing this extreme challenge together is certain to bring you closer than ever before.
3. Volunteer teaching in Africa
If you’ve got a relatively long period of time to play with, volunteering and teaching in Africa is a great way to experience a new culture, share your knowledge, develop essential life skills and feel like you’re giving something back. Being in such a different environment in different living conditions will certainly bring you closer to your new partner.
4. Cookery courses in Thailand
If you like Thai food, why not head to Chaing Mai in Thailand and sign up for a cookery course together? These last from anything between one and five days and teach you basics of the cuisine that will stay with you for a lifetime. Chaing Mai is also a beautiful place to visit, with amazing markets and a wide range of New Age pursuits to fit in between cooking. A cookery course is great place to learn a new skill and bond over the chillies.
Whether you met on eHarmony or at university, don’t let your new spark fizzle out on an unimaginative beach holiday. Try some of these ideas to start your relationship with an amazing adventure.

Author Bio: Tracey Chandler is a freelance, travel writer and a huge fan of unique travel experiences. At present she is busy discovering all that Latin America has to offer.


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  1. Bonnie July 21, 2013 at 5:10 pm #

    While I loved your suggestions, I am a believer in the romance of beaches. As our bodies are mostly made of water, I believe we’re more comfortable there. There’s nothing more bonding than a long beach walk or watching a sunset/sunrise on a horizon.

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