Unusual Things to See in London

Here are a few interesting things to see in London, England. There are always things you could just walk past if you didn’t know they were there.

1. Fart Functioning Lamp

Ok it doesn’t run on farts but almost! This is the last street lamp which still runs on gas brought up from the sewers. The gas is methane and in the 19th century these kinds of lamps were common in London. they were used not only as a source of power but also as a way to burn up the unpleasant smells coming up from the sewers. The Webb Patent Sewer Gas Lamp can be seen on Carting Lane near to Trafalgar Square.

2.The Ferryman’s Seat

Many years ago when the only bridge crossing the Thames was London Bridge ferryman used to wait on the river side to ferry people across. So while they waited they needed to have somewhere to sit. Little seats were built into the side of the riverside walls. Here you can see a piece of flint stone which sticks out of a niche in the side of the wall. although there are no longer ferryman you can use the seat and take a pic. See the seat near Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre on Bankside.

3.London Windmill

Believe it or not there is a windmill in London. Brixton windmill dates back to 1817 and used to be owned and run by John Ashby and sons who would grind wholemeal flour. Ashby’s Mill once stood along but is now surrounded by busy Brixton. It is now located in Windmill Gardens, South London.

4.Nazi London

You can see a Nazi Swastika in modern-day London, it actually is a swastika but does not date back to the Nazis of World War II. the original symbol was a religious one, and not related to Hitler or the Nazis who adopted the symbol. the sing can be seen on the wall of the Indian High Commission, Bush House in Aldwych along with other symbols. The sign was left in place because of its ancient meaning and significance in some Asian religions today.


Photo by Tony Hisgett

5.Dog and Pot, London

Look up at the corner of Union Street and Blackfriers Road opposite Palestra House and you’ll see an golden-orange dog eating out of a black pot mounted on a Victorian-era street lamp. It is actually a replica of a store sign Charles Dickens wrote about in a letter where he describes it as one of the things he passes on his walk home.  The replica only got erected in 2012 as part of the Dickens bicentenary celebrations and the original sign is now in the Southwark’s Cuming Museum..

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