Unique Surf the City Experience


If you are in Munich, Germany, probably the last thing on your mind would be to go surfing. Well you can see surfing, and maybe take part if you are brave, at the South entrance to the English Gardens nearest the The Haus der Kunst Museum. Close to the Isar river, there is the man-made river, Eisbach, which flows through the English Gardens. Cross onto the bridge and you will see underneath a standing wave about 1 meter high and intrepid surfers in the freezing cold water trying to stay on as long as they can. Being a standing wave the surfers can stay on as long as they keep their balance so the other surfers form a line on the edge of the water and they jump in one at a time. In the past they would tie a rope to the bridge to help them stay afloat but this is now deemed dangerous. Surfing started here in 1972, but may not continue for much longer as the municipality wants to outlaw it, for safety reasons. Swimming is not allowed in the river, as there have been cases of drowning in the past. So if you are on your way to the park anyway, why not stop off and watch these guys who would rather be in Hawaii. There are 3 of these surfing areas in Munich but this is my favorite.
Southern entrance to English Garden
More likely in sunny weather, but I have seen it in the rain.

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