USE-IT Travel Guides – A Tourist guide for the Young and No Nonsense Traveler

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USE-IT is a website offering current and up-to-date info and travel advise to no-nonsense travelers and young travelers, but the site can be useful to all travelers in my opinion! On USE-IT you can get interactive maps, website suggestions, travel tips, lists of free things to see and do and ideas about what to do at night.

The colorful site has a Visitors desk with volunteer locals who can advise you on what to see and do in the following European cities: .

Aachen; Antwerp; Bologna; Braga; Bratislava; Brescia; Brno; Bruges; Brussels; Charleroi;Cordoba; Cork; Dresden; Ghent; Helsinki; Leuven; Ljubljana; Mechelen; Oslo; Ostrava; Porto; Prague; Rotterdam; Thessalonike; Vienna and Warsaw. In addition there are young people setting up USE-IT sites for Bari; Glasgow; Graz; Innsbruck; Kharkiv; Liege; Split and Timişoara.


the one thing that I really disagree with USE-IT on is that they claim it is for young travelers, and I am not, unfortunately, that young, yet the info they give is exactly the kind of thing I look for when planning a trip. They answer questions like: If I only have time for one museum which should I see? and Where can I see concerts for free? and Where can I find a club without tourists?

The advise on USE-It helps travelers burst the tourist bubble, meet locals and see the “real” city – which BTW is exactly what this site is about! USE-IT excludes stuff like where you can find parking, because they figure young travelers don’t usually arrive by car. But the truth is neither do I when I travel! They are not a guide that offers “something for everybody” but specifically people who travel like they’re young. The accommodation options are cheap and the restaurants are not gourmet. So I personally would use the USE-IT guides together with a few extras(like the ideas on this site for example!)

Helsinki, Finland

All the city guides and maps are free and all the guides are devised by locals. The idea dates back to 1971 when the first USE-IT was founded in Copenhagen. The guides are not sponsored or affiliated to any hotels, restaurants or attractions so there is no pushing of certain places. Instead USE-IT is run on subsidies – with no on-site advertizing.


Check them out on the USE-IT website.


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  1. Mark Miller August 21, 2013 at 7:13 am #

    Europe has a lot of great places to travel to. I really like traveling to Italy and visiting each and every possible place. I love the whole country and people there are so great that they love travelers very much. Also, USE-IT looks like a good guide I’ll be surely using it for planning my next trips. Thanks for this post Petal.


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