A sleep Tank in Sweden – Utter Hotel

If you really want to be cut off from the rest of the world, the Utter Hotel (Otter Hotel ) is the place to “submerge” yourself in solitude, or a romantic get away. Above water level the hotel appears to be a floating square small red house, but once inside you descend 6 meters to an underwater bedroom, toilet and kitchenette. The hotel is the art/installation project of Swedish artist Mikael Genberg. The “hotel” room – of which there is one – is 3 meters square, and holds 2 twin beds. You have yourself your own traditional Swedish cottage, in miniature, on your own private island. It is not 5 *, and not for the claustrophobic, but a good place to take someone for a one on one conversation, and you get to sleep in this aquarium like room, with windows onto the fish filled lake. You can also sunbathe on the deck, swim and even visit an uninhabited island close by. The electricity is provided by solar panels on the roof.

You arrive in the port of Vasteras, 100 km west of Stockholm, this is also where the Stockholm airport is situated. From there you are taken to the shore of lake Malaren, and taken the 1km out to the hotel in a boat. You are left there with a rubber dingy, and not disturbed, unless otherwise prearranged. You can also arrange to have dinner brought out to you. After that you are on your own – literally.
Lake Mälaren
+46 21 39 01 00
Getting there:
Arrive at the Vaseras airport, from there the hotel will give you directions.
Approximately $100 a night, which compares well with good hotels in Stockholm. It is small and basic, but unique.
All year round ( well heated in winter). Check-in 13:00 check-out 12:00 next day.

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