Vacations That are Out of This World

While a panel of military personnel and researchers discuss the existence of extraterrestrial life on Planet Earth before former U.S. Congressmen at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. April 29 to May 3, take a trip to one of the many popular UFO destinations to see the evidence (or lack thereof) for yourself. Whether or not you come away a believer, you’ll build shining memories.

Area 51, Nevada

One of the most famous UFO travel destinations, Area 51 is located in the Mojave Desert, about 80 miles northwest of Las Vegas. Rumors abound that the site is used by the government to test alien space craft.
The name, Area 51, is derived from old Atomic Energy Commission maps, which label the site “Area 51.” Area 51 is a military base that is off-limits to tourists, but the surrounding area is open for exploration.
Guided tours are available, or take your own car. Snap photos beside the Extraterrestrial Highway sign, Highway 375, and pick up extraterrestrial-themed paraphernalia at the Alien Research Center museum.
Along Highway 375, you’ll spot a pair of white mailboxes beside an unmarked dirt road that leads to Area 51. Take the road until you get to a fence marked with signs warning people to keep off the military property.

Aztec, New Mexico

A UFO was said to have crashed in 1948, but not before three radars spotted the craft. As the story goes, one of the radar beams appeared to have damaged the craft’s central control system, sending it hurling toward the earth. The craft was not damaged on impact, however, and 16 deceased humanoid bodies were reportedly pulled from the craft.
A one-way trail for mountain bikers and hikers now runs beside the crash site. The site is 3.9 miles into the trail.
The city throws an annual UFO Festival every March. Visitors can pay the city a fee to be taken to the UFO landing site. Proceeds go to improvement of the Aztec library.

Bermuda Triangle, Off the Eastern Coast of Florida

Many UFOs have been reportedly spotted in the triangle-shaped area of ocean near Bermuda, Puerto Rico and the eastern coast of Florida. Historically, it was rumored that ships and plans mysteriously disappear in the area.
If that doesn’t deter you, book a cruise to the Bermuda Triangle. One cruise boat has a glass bottom that lets you watch the coral and fish beneath the boat, while you learn about the history of the Bermuda Triangle.
Maybe you’ll even spot a UFO!

Roswell, New Mexico

No UFO hotspot list would be complete without Roswell. The town’s fame is attributed to rumors that an alien craft was found in 1947. According to reports, silver debris was found at a ranch and an air base information officer said a “flying disc” was captured. The military later told press the disc was a weather balloon. He later retracted his story and said that the debris was “not of this earth.”
Visit the Alien Zone in town. It boasts the largest local collection of extraterrestrial-related items. The back room costs a few dollars, but will allow you to take your photo is many different alien-themed scenes. For many, this is a highlight of Roswell.

Learn all about the Roswell’s mysterious history on a UFO tour, as you view places like, such as former site of the base hospital, where alien autopsies were said to have taken place and the original flight operations building where craft debris was loaded onto planes.
Why sit around and wait for a panel in Washington to discuss the evidence of extraterrestrial life on Earth, find out for yourself.

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