Vilnius Shopping: Where to Shop in Vilnius, Lithuania?

Vilnius is one of the most interesting places to shop at the moment, the city has not yet been swallowed up by the international brand companies that you find in every mall. In addition there are several great markets each with a unique character which you don’t find very often in Europe. Here are some good shopping places to check out in Vilnius , Lithuania.


1. Old Town – Although most stores are aimed at tourists you can pick up souvenirs here and local traditional  products. On Pilies Street you’ll find the handmade chocolate store; tea store and a Lithuanian linen store. Chocolate store Vilnius Old Town 2. Kalveriju Market – Take bus #10 or go across the Green Bridge and after a short walk you’ll get to this local market where you can do just as much people watching as shopping. The products are natural, local and most of them unique to Lithuania. vilnius market lithuania 3. Gariunia Market – One of the biggest market s in Europe and the  largest in the Baltic States this market literally has everything. You’ll see people selling out of the back of their cars as well as high quality leather coats and rip-off designer items. I spent 2 hours there and it wasn’t enough. Get a taxi there and ask the taxi driver to come back for you or wait. Vilnius market 4. Gedimino Avenue – This is known as the city’s main shopping street but most of the stores are rather up market. I did see a good wine store here and discover a small shopping center where the stores were not all occupied and there I found amazing bargains. 5. Malls – The malls are large and you need a taxi to reach most of them. Worth a visit for shopping in brand name stores. Try the Akropolis Mall (biggest in the country) and the Ozas Mall. The Europa Mall can be reached on foot from the Old Town by crossing the White Bridge.

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