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VisaHQ‘s main function is to assist people in applying for visas worldwide and US passports. The system is simple and easy to understand as well as being a secure site so that your information will remain private. You can apply online for single or multiple visas to almost any country and VisaHQ will handle all of the “paper”work electronically. This is a greener way of applying for a visa as well as saving you time and money. You no longer need to waste your time getting to an embassy, waiting in line, dealing with embassy staff, filling out reams of forms and risking manual handling of your forms.

If you need to apply for a US passport, renew your US passport, get a second passport, report a lost passport or add pages to it then VisaHQ can also help you. For a fee VisaHQ makes the US passport application for you.

Additional services on VisaHQ that set it apart from the competition:
• On VisaHQ you can also find up to the minute news and travel alerts about changes in visa requirements and embassy announcements.
• You can buy your travel insurance on VisaHQ.
• If you have a travel blog or travel site then why not add the VisaHQ widget for locating embassies and finding out travel visa requirements.
• Apart from the visa and passport application services use VisaHQ to find out the travel visa requirements for almost every country worldwide according to your citizenship. If you are traveling to a foreign country and don’t know whether you will need a visa then you can find that out on VisaHQ. This service is free.
• On VisaHQ you can find a list of all foreign embassies, and contact information in the US.
• VisaHQ also handles corporate travel and works closely with travel agents.
Perhaps one of the most useful features of any site is the live help which VisaHQ has as well as contact information by email, “snail” mail and toll free phone lines. The VisaHQ team can walk you through your visa application or answer questions about your US passport.

VisaHQ is another example of how travel planning can now be done independently online by private individuals. Travelers no longer want to rely on travel agents to make arrangements, nor does the modern traveler want to leave the comfort of his home to run around sorting out the mundane and technical details of travel documentation. VisaHQ is an essential stop on your travel planning agenda, if for no other reason but to verify that you have all the relevant documentation for your trip. Vist VisaHQ website!

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