What you might not expect when moving to the UK

So, your bags are packed, the flights are booked and you’ve managed to find one of those elusive international moving companies that promises to pay up insurance-wise in the incredibly likely event that they break or inexplicably lose one, many or all of your treasured possessions. It’s time to move to the UK! Here’s a few scrapes, pitfalls and surprises that you may not have anticipated when moving to what the Brits affectionately call The Land of Hope and Glory. Unless they’re from Croydon.

What most international moving companies won’t tell you, until they’ve dropped you off at the point of no return is that the country is as hard to get into as the reading rooms of it’s libraries. Don’t worry if you don’t get that reference, just note that we have a national library, it has some reading rooms and they’re difficult to get membership to. I’m talking VISA’s people! A green card for British citizenship is like the holy grail to most foreigners, unless they’re Polish, have the most rudimentary plumping – not to mention time keeping – skills, and are willing to work for peanuts. Americans have a particularly hard time getting in, keeping in tandem with the popular attitude of the British toward the American’s, that being ‘we’ll do anything you say when it comes to illegal warfare, but try to integrate in our neighborhoods and contribute to our workforce and you can forget it!
The next thing to watch out for is our weather. Every country is known for it’s unique climatic spectacles. India has the monsoons, Tuscany has its tomato swelling summers, the Scandinavians have the northern lights, but Britain… well. In Britain we have drizzle. Psychologically withering drizzle. And grey clouds. And draughts. All year round, from the depths of winter to the heights of summer we offer heavy cloud, and chattering cold, followed by a brief and hopeful chink in the grey and a moment of sunlight, swiftly proceeded with a heavy down pour, a blast of icy wind, then more cloud. It takes a similar sort of strength of mind coping in the intense and unforgiving heat of as desert as it does with the insidious year-long mild winter of the UK.
If your international moving companies have already deposited you in the UK, you might wish to consider which of the cities you wish to live in. If our fair capital takes your fancy it is recommended that you be earning at least the average wage of a Saudi Arabian oil baron. A couple of rounds of drinks alone on a night out in the centre of London will set you back 20-30 pound sterling, rendering an evening’s enjoyment anywhere other than your living room (where you’re forced to pay for a license for the privilege of owning a television) or a park bench with one of the nations favorite beverage, ‘White Lighting’ (‘Lamborini’, if you’re a girl: a bubbly champagne/nail varnish fusion) completely unfeasible.
So what are you waiting for? Arrange for one of the major international moving companies to move you and your family to Britain, today. We look forward to ignoring you!

Author Bio: The author is writing for Abels, one of many International Moving Companies that want to help you move to the UK.



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