World Primate Safari is a travel site offering tours and safaris to exotic wildlife destinations, their expertise and professional attitude are apparent from the moment you land on their site and are faced with the stunning photos of what could be you next encounter with nature and it’s creatures. can tailor their wildlife tours to your interests and needs, they operate in numerous countries in Africa and Asia including Borneo, Madagascar and Uganda. The focus of the tours is to bringing you up close and personal with the primates in their native habitat be it Orangutans in Sumatra, Chimpanzees in Tanzania or Gorillas in Uganda. Your trip will also include encounters with the rest of the local wildlife and culture.
First time travelers
If you feel like you don’t really know how to choose the right tour for you and some of the names of destination are unfamiliar then don’t worry are extremely knowledgeable in their field and the site itself contains plenty of information about each tour. Before you choose which tour to take you can read the extensive information the site provides and even consult with a company representative to help you choose.
Safari Buffs and Globetrotters
For seasoned travelers who are sick of the usual travel destinations offered by travel agents and online this will come as a refreshing and exciting destination together with the unique activities and experiences involved. If you have become numb to the standard destinations this one will put the twinkle back in your eye.
Seasoned wildlife and safari travelers will still find a tour to a travel destination on that you have not visited as they offer a wide range of tours. Don’t be mistaken in thinking that this site is only for those interested in primates, on tours you can also see stunning landscapes and highlights like the Ngorongoro Crater, the wildlife of the Serengeti, migrating Wildebeest, rivers and even sun yourself on romantic and exotic beaches in Zanzibar.
Although the trips are packed with adventure this doesn’t mean you’ll be sleeping in sleeping bags and covered in dust there are various levels of accommodation on offer including luxury lodges, retreats, spa lodges, remote beach cottages and mobile camps.
The site has plenty of images of both the wildlife and the accommodation which is all located in the wild so no Holiday Inns here! You could be in a tented camp, a luxury lodge, a spa retreat or a cottage on the shores of a lagoon, but you have full descriptions and photos to help you choose. It is also indicated when meals are included which is most of the time. The lodges look romantic and luxurious despite being surrounded by the African landscape.
Although the prices are more than the average standard vacation these tours are really a once in a life time experience and offer you adventure and excitement which is hard to find in today’s commercialized travel industry.
Some added advantages to choosing over their competitors:
• Toll free numbers both from the US and UK which is unusual for travel sites.
• Travel packages for different styles of travel – Honeymoon, family, adventure, seasoned travelers and first time travelers.
• You can download the brochure.
• Extensive informative and educational explanations about the various primates.
• The safari destinations and styles of travel are varied and can satisfy a broad range of interests.
• includes customer reviews.
• Additional travel tools on this site are recommended travel dates, introduction to their guides and links to other wildlife focused travel sites.
• It’s always nice to know that you are doing business with an environmentally responsible travel company and is just that, they contribute a percentage of their profits to conservation of endangered primates.

Visit the website and plan your next adventure!

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