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I recently discovered Geocaching and I think it is going to be a permanent part of any trip I make in the future. Apparently Geocaching has been going on since 2000 (how did I not know)! Geocaching is a worldwide treasure hunt which uses GPS-enabled devices. Participants download the Geocaching app, put in their location and a map appears showing you where there are geocaches nearby. Your job is then to follow the map to find the hidden treasure (geocache). This can take the form of a small container, lunch box or even a bigger container. Inside is a logbook where you can sign in to show you’ve found the treasure and sometimes there are little toys, gadgets, knickknacks which you can take and leave something in return. Then you go online, or on your phone app and sign in to say you’ve found the geocache. And it’s on to the next one! For me this is a little like Pokémon Go but with more thought required and it is like the classic “Letterboxing” game.


Geocache can be great fun for travelers. Just think, you’re in a foreign country and going on a treasure hunt where locals have planted “treasure.” Geocache will take you into places you would never reach as a regular traveler.

How does Geocaching work?

  • First you register for a basic FREE membership (there is a paid membership for serious geocachers).
  • Visit the Hide and Seek a Cache page on your phone Geocache app.
  • Enter your location (or postal code).
  • Choose one of the little black dots which appear on the map near your location and click on it.
  • The map on your phone will show a line between you and the treasure which you can then follow.
  • Once you get close to the geocache put your phone away and start hunting.
  • When you discover the geocache sign the log book and return the geocache to the original location for those who come after you.
  • If you want to take one of the trinkets or mementos from the geocache then leave one in return.
  • Go online and write about your hunting experience.

Geocache are all over the world, outdoors and usually in public places – they can be in a park, on a road side, underwater or in a city. This will make a fun addition to any travel itinerary. Just be careful that no “muggle” (those uninitiated to the geocache world) see you when you uncover the geocache.

Check out the Geocache website for more details.


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