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Xian street

Xian is often just a brief stop on travelers’ itinerary, most people stop here to see the Terracotta Warriors and then move on to the capital or Shanghai. However once you have seen the essential sites of Xian with a Xian tour then you should spend some time exploring the city in-depth.

Unusual Xian Restaurant – 5th floor, Jinsha International, Changan Lu, Yanta District

Like many Asian (and some Western ) cities the now not-so-unique toilet restaurant has reached Xian. Dine while toilet bowls hang behind your head and eat your food out of urinal shaped dishes. Seating is on toilet seats and if you order ice-cream expect a poo-shaped scoop of chocolate.

Unusual Xian Hotel

Stay in one of Xian’s capsule hotels, they are definitely cheaper than a conventional hotel and are a truly unique travel experience. Check-out the Shangjian Capsule Hotel or the PAPA Capsule Hotel.

Great Xian Cafe – Slow Life Cafe

Slow down the pace and enjoy a good cup of coffee at this snug cafe near the Heping Gate.  this small intimate cafe serves coffee made on an Italian coffee machine so if you’re sick of tea or missing home visit the Slow Life Cafe. Other Xian cafes to check-out are the Hello Cafe and Mister Bean Cafe.

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